What are the Bin Weevils rules?

The Binscape is an incredible place and we want to have fun.

You can help keep things running smoothly by following these simple rules:

  • Do not use bad language or engage in discussion that could upset another player
  • Do not discuss topics such as dating, boyfriends/girlfriends or romantic relationships
  • Do not discuss personal details such as your real name, age, school, location, address, phone number, email address, or usernames or passwords for any online service.
  • Do not discuss or engage in any form of cheating – this can result in the complete removal of your account.
  • Do not discuss or advertise other websites or online services.

Bin Weevils reserves the right to take moderation action against any player if they are found to be damaging the Bin Weevils experience for someone else. This action can range from a red warning message, a temporary/permanent suspension of chat or complete removal of an account.

Please contact us at help@binweevils.com if you would like further information on our rules and safety practices.

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