How Do I Earn Mulch?

You can earn Mulch really easily & in many different ways. Every day you'll be able to play your Daily Brain Strain over at Lab's Laboratory (Lab's Lab). You will get 60 seconds to answer questions or solve puzzles which in turn will earn you Mulch. The more answers you get right, the more Mulch you'll win! Remember that you can only play the Daily Brain Strain once per day.

You can also earn Mulch by playing other games found around the Binscape. See if you've got what it takes to compete in a race at Dirt Valley or Battle it out in Sink's Ships! Otherwise, why not try some mini-games such as 2 Ball, Konnect Mulch, Flip-Mulch, Square & many more in different areas of the Bin, just have a walk around all the areas and you'll soon find a great game to play!

You can also get a chance for some free Bonus Mulch by collecting a Mulch-tastic ticket every day.

Bin Tycoon Members earn additional Mulch from running their Bin Tycoon businesses.

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