How do I renew my Bin Tycoon Membership?

When a Bin Tycoon membership has been purchased online, it will automatically recur at the end of the billing cycle. For example, a six month membership will automatically renew after six months and a payment for a further six months membership will be taken from your account.

However, if the membership is cancelled, no further payments will be taken and the Bin Tycoon membership will simply expire at the end of the current billing cycle.

If you have a cancelled membership but wish to renew, you simply need to repurchase by visiting our Bin Tycoon Membership page.

Don't worry if you've still a few days left of your previous membership, these extra days will be added to your account the next time you cancel the recurring membership.

Finally, you may also wish to renew with a Bin Tycoon Membership card, available from selected retailers. You can find out more on our Membership Card page.

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