How do I decorate my Nest?

Your Nest items are stored in your My Stuff Box, the golden chest located on the bottom-left corner of the screen when you enter your Nest rooms. Simply click on that chest to see the latest items you’ve bought or received. You can also browse all your items by clicking on each My Stuff Box category.

To use an item, click and drag the item out of your inventory and position it in your Nest room. Release the mouse button to place the item in that location.

To put an item away, click your My Stuff Box to open it up, then click the item you want to put away and drag it down into the My Stuff Box. To help you find the item again, the My Stuff Box will show you the category that item is stored in. Very handy!

Try combining different types to create truly unique rooms! You can even put some smaller items on top of cabinets, tables and shelves!

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