How do I enter Best Nest?

In order to enter Best Nest, you'll need to be in-game and a Bin Tycoon Member. As you progress with decorating your Nest rooms, you'll receive a coolness rating.

Once your coolness rating is high enough, a Blue Nest Inspector camera will display next to your Nest Coolness rating. You can then use your camera to take pictures of your Nest rooms, which you can then submit to the Nest Inspector.

The Nest Inspector will then review your submission and award you with a trophy, if your room has been decorated to his standards.

Some rooms that the Nest Inspector selects will then be featured within his Best Nest magazine and the Weevil will be issued with a special in-game Nest item too!

Weevils can only enter Best Nest once a month, so be sure to submit your best Nest rooms!

If you're not a Bin Tycoon Member, however would like to find out more information about becoming one, please visit our Bin Weevils - Membership Page

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