How do you report a player?

If you ever encounter a player who is upsetting you, please first send us a player report by clicking their Bin Weevil, then the blue siren on their player card. You can tell us a little information about what happened and we'll be sure to review the report fully and take moderation action against that player if necessary!

You will also be able to place that player onto your ignore list by clicking their Bin Weevil and selecting the blue unhappy face on their player card. Ignored players will no longer be able to chat, but you will see their Bin Weevil in-game.

Don't worry about the other player finding out you reported them! All reports are fully confidential and we would never reveal if one player has reported another to us.

If you have taken both of these steps and a player is still upsetting you, please feel free to contact us with further information and we will then take any appropriate action required.

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