Safety Measures

Safe Chat:

Bin Weevils allows players to type their own messages to other users. Every message is filtered to allow only pre-approved words and phrases, and blocks attempts to communicate phone numbers or other personally identifiable information.


Bin Weevils also employ a staff of moderators who monitor and analyse player behaviour over time and also respond to player queries.

Players are able to report another player at any point during the game by selecting the report button on the player's profile.


Bin Weevils showcases third party kid friendly advertisement. When linking from our Site to an advertiser's site we provide a "bumper page", which lets kids know they are going to an advertiser's site and reminds them not to give out information online without getting permission from their parents. Kids and their parents should be aware that other sites have different policies on collection of information to us, so it is important to check their Privacy Policies before submitting any personally identifiable information.

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