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As well as playing games and looking after pets, kids love to chat to their friends. Before your child can log in to the site, they will need to create a Bin Weevil - this is the insect avatar they will use to play the game. After creation, the account can be activated using a parent/guardian email address. An activated account allows the parent to change the password and further secures the account. Your child can log in and make friends by using the following Bin Weevils tools:

Safe Chat:

Kids can use the chat box in all areas of Bin Weevils. The chat box is filtered to only allow pre-approved words and phrases. The chat box is a great way for kids to chat to their friends. It’s also a great way to improve their typing skills!

Bin Buddies:

Kids can add friends to their Buddy List, this is done by clicking on another Bin Weevils profile and sending them a Buddy request, which can then either be accepted or rejected. The buddy list will show if their friends are online, and if so, are able to find out where in the bin they are located. Buddies can be removed at any time.

Buddy Messages:

Messages can be sent to one another via their Bin Buddy list. This provides kids an opportunity to message their friends even when they are offline. The message will be delivered to their Buddy Messenger and can be read the next time they log in. This messaging system is also moderated by live staff members, and uses the same chat filter of pre-approved words and phrases as the Safe Chat system.

As soon as a buddy has been removed from their list, they will no long be able to receive messages from that particular child.

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