Safety Concerns

On Bin Weevils we do not tolerate any form of bullying or the use of inappropriate language.

In addition to live moderators, we employ strict automated chat filters to prevent users from typing inappropriate words and phrases. The Bin Weevils chat moderation process is based on a ticket system. A user may accumulate a number of tickets over a period of time. These tickets are scored depending on the severity of the word used. When a user reaches a particular score they are warned and if this is ignored a number of bans are activated, 10 minutes, 60 minutes, 24 hours and a final permanent ban.

If you do discover any bad behaviour in-game we would ask that you use the report button or email the Bin Weevils user names to us so a moderator may investigate the appropriate in-game chat logs. You may also wish to add the user to your ignore list, this will prevent the user from chatting to you in-game.

To report another user or add them to your ignore list:

  • Click on the Weevil character responsible for the bad behaviour.

  • Select the unhappy blue face to place that Weevil on ignore.

  • Select the blue siren to send us a report after providing some further information.

In addition to inappropriate language and behaviour, Bin Weevils chat rules do not permit the exchange of personal information. Giving out personal information online could be potentially unsafe for your child. This is exactly the reason that we do not permit users to ask for personal information from others (real name, age, school, where do you live, etc.) Words like email, MSN, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, and names of social networking sites (ex. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.) are all banned to prevent the exchange of personal info and help keep our users safe.

Please take a moment to review the Bin Weevils chat rules below:

  • Do not use bad language or post any content that may be considered offensive or bullying to anyone else.
  • Do not post content about topics such as dating, boyfriends/girlfriends, relationships, etc. - Bin Weevils is a children's website and this type of content is not allowed.

  • Do not post any personal details or contact info, including your real name, age, school, location, address, phone number, email address, or usernames/handles on other online services or games.

  • Do not post any information about cheating within the Bin Weevils game - this is against the rules.

  • Do not post links to other websites or online services.

  • If our moderators find evidence of rule breaking then action will be taken against the user.

We are thrilled when parents take an interest in their child's online activity. If you'd like to learn more about our safety policies, please visit our Parent section.

You may also wish to review our Terms and Conditions.

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