Can I become a Bin Weevils staff member?

Although we don't currently have any vacancies at 55 Pixels Limited (the producers of Bin Weevils), we'll be happy to tell you a little more about how Bin Weevils works and how the game is made!

Bin Weevils is currently built in software called Adobe Flash. This tool not only enables us to create lots of fantastic artwork, animations and videos for the game, it also supports a special coding language that we use to create a lot of the awesome content featured on our website. Flash is super useful for creating all kinds of things and would definitely be a good starting point to understand how some Internet based games are made!

However, working in the games industry doesn't always mean making games.

The best way to start a career in the games industry is to ask yourself a very important question... What do you want to do? All kinds of people work at companies like 55 Pixels and only some of them actually make the game. It's a team effort and everyone has a different responsibility to make sure you and your friends have fun every time you log in!

For example, the team member writing this spends their day at 55 Pixels doing a whole host of different things, such as testing new in-game features, replying to emails from super enthusiastic players like yourself and creating content for Weevil News, our Bin Weevils Blog.

Most members of the team have a lot of experience in their field of expertise that has been gained through several years of employment in similar roles.

Why not speak with a teacher or tutor at school and explain what you would like to do for a career? We're sure they'll be more than happy to help you find the right course of study for the future!

Whatever you decide to do, the 55 Pixels team wishes you the best of luck!

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