What are Plazas?

Plazas are larger areas which all different Bin Tycoon Members may own.

Bin Tycoon Members do not automatically receive a Tycoon Plaza. They will instead need to purchase one with Mulch over at Rigg's Property Shop in the Shopping Mall.

They will then be able to decorate their Tycoon Plaza rooms as they like and invite buddies over along with any other Weevil.

A Tycoon Plaza can also earn you bonus Mulch. That's right - opening your Plaza to the public will earn you Mulch for every guest. The Mulch you've earned can be collected from any of the in-game cash machines, so create the best Tycoon Plaza you can!

You can view a list of open Tycoon Plazas by heading to the Shopping Mall and entering the Plaza door outside.

To open your own Plaza so other Bin Weevils can visit and help earn you extra Mulch, all you have to do is click the red padlock icon in the main area to turn it green!

We'll keep our eyes peeled for your Plaza when we're next online! Who knows, maybe you'll spot a member of the Bin Weevils Team in there one day?

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